Cliche Complete Skateboard : The Test

Cliche Complete Skateboard : The Test


A frequently asked question on our website and in the store from beginners as well as longtime skateboarders is the “are complete skateboards any good?”. With more and more people taking an interest in skateboarding, plenty of brands are producing complete skateboards with prices ranging anywhere from £65 to £120.

Cliche’s complete skateboard range alongside Almost, Blind and Enjoi are all built with beginners in mind. The ‘First Push’ series comes complete with Tensor trucks and branded wheels which have both been produced with softer urethane. The wheels are 97a durometer meaning you can take the board out on the street as well as indoor parks easier as the wheel's softness offers more forgiveness on slippy as well as rough terrain. The bushings in the Tensor trucks found on the ‘First Push’ completes are also softer than average bushings meaning a beginner can get a feel for the movement of trucks and also be able to break-in the trucks quicker. 

Another big question with complete skateboards is “Does a complete skateboard last?”, with all these questions in mind we sent out shop team homies Logan and Naidan to skate the latest Cliche’ Skateboards 8.25” ‘First Push’ Painted Circle Complete Skateboard for a day which is probably the best experiment you could think of.

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