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Established in 1908, Converse has had over a 100 year long history in shoe making. Characterized by the classic mainstay silhouette, the Chuck Taylor, Converse footwear has always managed to stay relevant throughout the ages with its simple and stylish design. Originally designing shoes for Tennis and Basketball players, Converse was adopted by skateboarders in the early 80's, especially the Chuck Taylor's and Jack Purcell's for their hard wearing rubber toe cap and grippy, flexible gum soles. In the mid to late 90s Converse began it's first skate program with completely new models specifically designed for skateboarding, but this time distinguished by the big puffy, technical skate shoes of the era. For a while Converse went quiet on the skate scene, but in 2009 they re-enter the skateboard market with a hot injection of money and technology. This time re-jigging and improving classics such as the Chuck Taylor and One Star into skate appropriated shoes.

Recent collaborations with popular, independent skateboard companies such as the Swedish powerhouse, Polar Skateboards, have helped cement Converse Cons authenticity and relevance within skateboarding today. Identifying with DIY culture, the Cons Brand continues to reach out to skateboarding and other creative subcultures through their 'CONS Spaces' that have taken place in many major cities.

Converse Cons is personified by a team of 'Ambassadors' legitimized by Skateboarding legends such as Jason Jessee, Kenny Anderson and Pontus Alv. Other additions provide a strong varied identity and all terrain skating ability that can appeal to many, including the likes of Sammy Baca, Zered Basset, Don Nguyen, Eli Reed, Jake Johnson and Mike Anderson. Whereas younger, more recent members of the Cons family; Ben Raemers, Louie Lopez, Sage Elsesser and Sean Pablo, seek to solidify popularity with the skating youth of today.