Complete Skateboards

Shop for the best complete skateboards and beginner skateboards from a broad range of brands, such as Globe Completes, Santa Cruz Skateboards and the more affordable Cliche Completes. If it's your first skateboard or you just need a cheaper yet effective skateboard complete there's a setup for all age ranges in a variety of sizes, from kid sized completes to skateboards for beginner adults. 

Pre-built completes are the best skateboards for beginners as they are more affordable and remove most of the confusion of buying everything separately. Starter skateboard completes come in a variety of widths usually between 7.4" to 8.25" but can get smaller or wider. There are also kids completes that are shorter in length and thinner, generally suitable for ages 7 and under.

If you'd prefer to build a custom complete, select a DECK, WHEELS and TRUCKS from our site. We'll throw in FREE BEARINGS, GRIP TAPE and BOLTS. Let us know in the 'customer notes' section at checkout if you'd like us to put it all together for you or if you'd like to do it yourself at home.