Heroin Skateboards

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Originally starting its humble beginnings on UK soil, Mark 'Fos' Foster conceptualised Heroin Skateboards nearly 20 years ago in 1998. Born from a punk mindset that the purity of skateboarding was what mattered, Heroin sought to set itself apart from mainstream brands of the day by placing emphasis on relatable skating. What mattered was individuality, skating whatever you could find with your friends and the fun, quirky manoeuvres that would ensue. Earlier video releases from Heroin like 'Live From Antartica' (2005) and 'Magic Sticky Hand' (2006) were tangible, they felt like you were watching your mates rather than something unattainable.

Not so long ago in 2011, Heroin moved distribution over to the USA were it broke into the American market as something new and refreshing. Now sponsoring an international team whilst still keeping true to its UK roots, Heroin's appeal has gone global. In recent years the company released 'Video Nasty' (2013) and 'Bath Salts' (2015) showing off disperse team, including British riders Tom Day, Rogie, Joe O'donnel and Stephen Malet, American affiliates Zack Krull, Tony Karr, Daniel Shimzu and Chet Childress as well as Japanese member Gou Miyagi and the Osaka Daggers.

Despite its change and growth, Heroin has maintained its punk, rock and roll image, still striving to shine light on the alternative underdog.