Reading List: 14th February 2019 - Jersey Boys & Wooden Toys

Dick Rizzo Josh Wilson pro Quasi Skateboards Welcome Skate StorePhoto: Quasi Skateboards

Fans of a certain biscuit-based East Coast skateboarding institution will have little trouble figuring out where the format of this post is lifted from. However, we thought it would be fitting to curate our highlights of the previous week for all to see at least one more time before they vanish into the digital ether. Here's the first Welcome Skate Store 'Reading List' - our take on the internet's best bits and what's new with the shop over the last of couple of weeks, brought to you on Valetine's Day for all the lovers out there.

First up, you might have noticed we've got a new slider feature embedded on the blog's landing page to conveniently keep you updated with all of our featured content including interviews, articles, videos and the odd bit of product spiel. Have a scroll through or hit the 'Featured' tab over on the left and, if you missed them the first time around, indulge in our interviews with Chris Jones and Casper Brooker.

After a serious tenure as ams since close to the brand's inception, New Jersey's dynamic duo of Dick Rizzo and Josh Wilson are finally pro for Quasi Skateboards. Expect their debut models (as seen above) arriving in the near future.

Reading-turned-New Zealand-turned-Manchester-turned London technical expert Dom Henry has a new part of 'vintage' footage from the archives of James Cruickshank which sees him handle the lesser taken upwards route at the Henry Moore Art Gallery. Urbis annihilation also ensues, obviously. 

WKND Skateboards have welcomed two new ams to the team - Caleb McNeely and Evan Wasser and you should further familiarise with yourself Caleb via his part in Venue Skateboards' Gospel once you've got that introduction out of the way.

Nickname based team antics: Death Skateboards took over London's House of Vans for a 'Skate Fry-Days' and Blinky went in, as always, and Manhead's Little Paradise section is playing over at Vague Mag for this week's Throwback Thursday.

Bill Strobeck of "BLESSED" fame gets in the hot seat with our favourite Canadians on episode four of The Bunt's eighth season.

Alexis Sablone's Jenkem Mix has been on repeat in the shop and they also had a good chat with Vans and Santa Cruz rider Fabiana Delfino about division within women's skateboarding which is well worth a read.

As we hit the last stretch of winter and the seasonal depression sinks its teeth in for one last chomp, Boys of Summer 2, arrives to remind us what sunshine looks like.

A few product-related ones before we round this off. Firstly, Louie Lopez's pro shoe is now available in three colourways. Our boy Dean Greensmith gave the Vans Elijah Berle Pro a good seeing in one hell of a #ThornesReport. You can grab yourself Elijah's shoe by clicking here and keep an eye out for something coming up in the near future related to Ol' Berle Haggard... And last of all, Sean Pablo's Paradis3 NYC clothing imprint is now available online and at Tomorrow Store.

Finally, its been a while since we've done one of these but we're premiering the new Skateboard Cafe, Sour and DGK videos tomorrow night at The Brudenell Social Club so come enjoy some of Leeds' most reasonably priced booze and see what this diverse range of companies have got in store.

 Words: FG