Welcome Skateboards

Shop now for all kinds of magical goods from American based board company, Welcome Skateboards. Search our wide range of t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, caps, socks and decks, including the ever popular Talisman T-shirts and Unstructured Slider Caps.

Bursting into life in 2010, Welcome Skateboards has made a siginificant impact with its distinct ethos and art direction. Making only shaped boards, Welcome owner Jason Celaya wanted a company where more thought was put in to creating the shape of each deck. With over 40 different shapes to date, each board rides slightly different to the next. This meticulous attention to detail is further emulated in the graphics, with each being an original piece of Jason's intricate artwork, so designed that its hard not to gaze at. Strange scenes of magical other worldy creatures, references to song lyrics and quotes from the cult TV such as 'Twin Peaks' are all but a few of the influences detailing the artwork.

Welcome Skateboards physical output is personified by its diverse skate team. With  riders like Ryan Lay, Jordan Sanchez, Daniel Vargas and Nora Vasconcellos, emphasis is placed on each member's distinct style being different from the next.

Characterised by bright t-shirts, colourful graphics, strange artwork, even stranger shaped boards with fruity wood stains, Welcome Skateboards had definitley made a name for itself!