Thunder Trucks

Shop now for strong and high quality skateboard trucks from Thunder.

Thunder began all the way back in 1986 and now under the Deluxe Distribution umbrella it is one of the biggest skateboard truck companies. Famed for their highly responsive wide turning circles, stability and strong build quality, Thunder are one of the best trucks going! 

Make sure you choose the right truck size for your setup. If you ride big wheels, loose trucks or prefer more clearance, then buy some Hi's to avoid wheel bite. Use the size guide below to pick the right width truck for your relevant deck size:

  • 145's will fit board sizes 7.5" to 7.9"
  • 147's will fit board sizes 8.0" to 8.25"
  • 149's will fit board sizes 8.3"- 8.5"

TRUCKS ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY! If you need a pair of trucks, please select a quantity of two!