Polar Skate Co.

Shop for Polar Skate Co. clothing and headwear, ranging from t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, socks, caps, beanies and more. Browse a large selection of Polar Skate Co. trousers and denim jeans including baggy fits such as the Surf Pants, 93! Denim and Big Boys Denim. For your next board buy a Polar Skate Co. skateboard decks from our extensive range.

Voted for 'Brand of the Year' twice in a row, Polar Skate Co. have had exponential growth in popularity since they began in 2011. Starting as a small operation in Malmo, by Pontus Alv, Polar Skate Co. is now a company skateboarders worldwide are familiar with. Initially Polar Skate Co. started with small, tightly knit team of talented skaters featuring the Hjalte Halberg, Michal Juras and two young transition rippers David Stenstrom and 'Little Oski'. With growing notoriety over seas, Polar expanded outside their Eurocentric team enlisting the likes of USA talent Aaron Herrington and Dane Brady as well as Japan's Shin Sanbongi and Australian export Nick Boserio.

Where style and quality matters, the company strives to produce clothing and hardware to the highest standard with a strong Art department meaning Polar Skate Co.'s visual output never ceases to amaze.