Levi's Skateboarding

Worn by skateboarders since time immemorial, almost everyone has owned a pair of Levi's. Favoured by skaters in times of yaw for the tough denim, robust build and durable nature, you would think that a pair of jeans couldn't get much better to skate in? Well you'd be wrong. Skateboarders fall over a lot. Most of the time impact is taken on the lower half and we're all too familiar with blown out seams in embarrassing areas. Levi's realised this and to address the problem began an off-shoot range back in 2013 called 'Levi's Skateboarding Collection' which can only be bought in exclusive skate stores.

Built for function, special fabrication ensures unparalleled durability and comfort whilst keeping the jeans shape and retaining the feel of 100% cotton denim. Woven with 'Cordura' fabric for tough abrasion resistance, as well as 'Lycra T400' to provide elasticity and breathability, creates a denim that can bounce back from almost any fall. Extra trimmings such as reinforced stitching, rivets, bar tracks and double layer pockets only add to the jean's longevity. Be assured, you won't be blowing out pair of these any time soon!