Shop for a selection of Lakai skate shoes, including affordable vulcanised models such as the Lakai Manchester and the Lakai Cambridge as well as sturdy cupsole constructions for better impact absorption like the Lakai Telford.

Lakai Limited Footwear was founded in 1999 by skateboarding legends Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. After both leaving DC, they started their own skate shoe brand, designed for and by skateboarders. Lakai is famous for producing the all time classic videos 'Beware of the Flare' (2002), 'Fully Flared' (2007) and their latest offering 'The Flare' (2017). Lakai pride themselves on motivating and supporting their teams and producing products that the teams can be proud of. Lakai shoes are designed by skateboarders for skateboarders and tick all the boxes when it comes to quality, styling & functionality.