Isle Skateboards

Buy skateboard decks, t-shirts, longsleeves, crewnecks, hoodies and caps from Paul Shier and Nike Jensen's UK based skate company, Isle.

After the fallout from Blueprint's demise, ex-riders and teammates Paul Shier and Nick Jensen decided to start their own company. In 2013 they created Isle, a skateboard company based around clean aesthetics and heavily influenced by fine art. An impressive team from the get go, Isle sponsored UK skateboarders Tom Knox, Chris Jones and Casper Brooker as well as hooking up international affiliates Sylvain Tognelli and Jon Nyugen.

With many of the graphics being conceptualised in Jensen's studio, Isle continues to produce some of the most interesting and obscure artwork. In 2016, produced by master lens-man Jacob Harris, their artistic vision culminated in the astounding debut video 'Vase' which later saw Tom Knox go Pro.