Buy strong and durable skate shoes from a wide range of HUF footwear.

In 2002, Real Skateboards pro and ex-DVS professional Keith Hufnagel opened up his own skate shop in his resident city of San Francisco. Eponymously named after his monkier, the shop was called HUF and sold the best in skateboarding brands. As popularity and custom grew exponentially, Hufnagel saw a gap in the market and made the extension to a softgoods brand. In more recent years, after the clothing company took off, HUF made significant moves to start manufacturing footwear, selling both lifestyle models and shoes designed specifically for skateboarding.

Unlike a lot of skate shoe companies, Keith Hufnagel has allowed riders a large amount of unmetered input into designing pro models. This free autonomy meant signature shoes began to really represent the character and nuances of each professional skateboarder, thus creating a broad spectrum of highly diverse models. It's hard to get confused when no two HUF shoes look the same.

Distinct models like Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillete and Brad Cromer's signature shoes stand out from the crowd. Whilst theres team shoes to appeal everyones taste, such as simple pumps like the Sutter, vintage style Classics, the athletic inspired Galaxy and the Soto, an all round skate shoe.