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In 1996 with no clothing sponsors and little interest in wearing other brands, long time friends Eric Koston and Guy Mariano founded Fourstar Clothing. Alongside Girl, Chocolate, Lakai and Royal, Fourstar fell under the Crailtap distribution becoming one of the leading companies producing skateboard related clothing. 

Since 1996, with many professionals and big names passing through the ranks, Fourstar has amassed a superstar team of skateboarders. Run like a family unit, Fourstar sponsors the likes of Anti Hero's transitional tyrant Tony Trujillo and lead hype-man Frank Gerwer, the French technical powerhouse Lucas Puig, street-style innovator and all round legend Mark Gonzales, the smooth manoeuvres of Mike Carroll and skateboarding young-bucks Cory Kennedy, Sean Malto and Ishod Wair.

Fourstar presents a range of clothing built on a smooth and classy style. Cut and sew items are of a top notch build quality, fabricated with a functional design from premium materials. Graphic t-shirts and long sleeves run from plain and simple to sporting the classic Fourstar Pirate logo as well as nod's to late 90's / early 00's clothing culture.  

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