eS Footwear

Shop for a selection of skateboarding footwear from eS Shoes, ranging from slimmed down, modernised styles such as the eS Accel Slim to technical, puffy skate shoes harking back to an era gone by, such as the eS Tom Penny shoes and Accel OG 

Established in 1995 and coming under the fold of skater owned Sole Technology Incorporated's (STI) umbrella and sister company to Etnies and Emerica, éS Footwear is one of the most well known, iconic skate shoe brands around. 2000 was the year that éS released one of the greatest videos of all time. 'Menikmati' not only pushed the level of skateboarding forward but French Fred's original take of filming and editing changed videos for years to come!

In 2012 éS took a tactical, financial hiatus but returned shorty after in 2014 with a fresh approach to the modernised skateboarding market. In contrast to the famous technical and puffy shoes of its past, éS has created a range of slimmed down models re-appropriated to meet the requirements of the skateboarders of today, but still following silhouettes and taking inspiration from past skate shoes that an older generation may recognise. Keeping to it's brand identity éS has quick injections of it's most iconic shoe the Accel as well as a new slimmer version, the Accel Slim.