Emerica was established in 1996 under the umbrella 'Sole Technology Incorporated' (STI) as one of the sister companies to other mainstay skate shoe brands Etnies and eS Footwear. Nearly twenty years deep, Emerica is steeped in skateboarding history and relevancy. As a company that is always giving back to skateboarding and its community, Emerica is renowned as being a skateboarder owned brand for skateboarders. Emerica have produced some of the most iconic skate videos of all time including 'Yellow' (1997), 'This Is Skateboarding' (2003), 'Stay Gold' (2010) and more recently the 'MADE' series. 

Knowing what skateboarders want and how much they are willing to pay, Emerica strive to manufacture skate shoes at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. With a market saturated by high prices, Emerica manage to create mid-range shoes that are both functional and durable. They boast a wide range of understated, flexible vulcanized models with tons of boardfeel as well as slightly more bulky cupsole shoes for those that require some impact support and comfort.