Decks (Free Grip)

Browse from a vast array of quality assured skateboard decks, we stock boards from brands like Anti Hero, Cliche, Hockey, Fucking Awesome, Polar, Palace, Welcome as well as many more.

Constructed from 7 ply Canadian Maple wood and using strong resin glues, skateboard decks are built to take a thrashing, whilst flexing to absorb impact and provide a spring board effect to create pop, elevating you higher off the floor. The shape of a skateboard's nose, tail and concave are all designed to respond better to your feet's every movement, providing unparalleled control. Depending on your style of skating and whether it's a shaped board or popsicle deck you're after, we have skateboards that range from 7.5" to over 10" wide.

All decks come with free Jessups griptape that we are happy to attach upon request.