Shop now for skate t-shirts, longsleeves, shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, jackets, caps and beanies by Andrew Reynold's company, Altamont.

Under the Sole Technology Institute (STI) umbrella Andrew Reynolds began Altamont in 2006. Currently the company's influence has expanded from skateboarding to encompass both the music and art industries. Staying true to their ethos of "Cut From A Different Cloth", Altamont strive to create a unique identity that is set apart from the mainstream skate clothing market. Hiring Heroin Skateboards owner Mark Foster (Fos) as co-art director from the get go, his unmistakable spider-like scrawls and texts have become synonymous with Altamont's branding.

Often collaborating with alternative artists, designers and musicians, Altamont's distinct look is heavily inspired by subcultural and political movement as well as music such as blues, jazz, metal, grunge, psychedelic and classic rock. With consideration put into how a piece of clothing fits and feels, each item is designed to improve with the ageing effects of wear and tear, looking good whether it's dirty or clean.