Wear Test - Converse Cons

It is freezing, it is cold, the snowy raining wet days of barely dry spots surrounded by Christmas market shoppers traipsing soaking boots over the last remaining kerbs can't be avoided. For all that we can do to try and 'get some' there's always car parks. Highly toxic and unnaturally warm the spaces give us a quick release of endorphins before top-hat moshers and security ruin what little freedom of movement you can muster for free underneath a city of habitual buyers.

We hooked up those kind of people, two dudes who support the store and thrive within the depths of underground skateboarding with a pair of the latest releases from Converse Cons. Below you'll find poorly squared screenshots with a quick hit of moving imagery courtesy of Sam Hudson and Jack Homer who we couldn't thank enough for skateboarding, filming and being all-round nice guys!

Jack and Sam are wearing in the Converse Cons - Louie Lopez Pro Ox - Chestnut Brown / Natural / White and the Converse Cons - CTAS Mid - Uncharted Waters / White / Black respectively.


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