Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Legacy

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Legacy

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Legacy

We present to you a yearly roundup not by us but by our friends (competition), yearly roundups can be contentious content at best, a mere list to flog leftover stock or designed to push you the consumers onto a brands website page. This list unlike above is done by our friends/competitors over at some of our favourite skate shops in the UK. 2021 has been another weird year. Read below, agree, disagree and shout at your screen keyboard warrior. 

UK skateboarding's original (and only?) professional twins Ronny and Danny Calow founded Legacy in 2011. Two fun facts for you the people, Legacy screen print their own apparel in the back and have shared the joys of employing Josh Blasutto who they still sponsor. 

photo : Greg Somerset

Best thing about 2021?

Skateboard boom

Favourite shop lurker?

Jamie Strevs

Best Board graphic of the year?

Death OG Skull

Best Shoe of the year?

Do people even have an opinion on this?

UK skateboarder of the year?

Sky Brown

Best Video of the year?

Olympics Coverage

Local Skatepark hero of the year?

Holy Knee-slide

Best Instagram fodder of the year?


The best shop quote?

"But, Welcome have it..."

Best collab?

Collabs suck

Most skated spot?

South Gare

The thing you’ve done more than skateboarding?


|| Legacy Skatestore || from Tom Harper on Vimeo.