Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Focus

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Focus

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Focus

We present to you a yearly roundup not by us but by our friends (competition), yearly roundups can be contentious content at best, a mere list to flog leftover stock or designed to push you the consumers onto a brands website page. This list unlike above is done by our friends/competitors over at some of our favourite skate shops in the UK. 2021 has been another weird year. Read below, agree, disagree and shout at your screen keyboard warrior. 
Situated in the true North and across the border Edinburgh's Focus Skate Store has been slinging the good stuff for Scotland since 2001. Sibbs, Graham and the crew have helped skaters through their 'Focus Futures' programme which is a skate scholarship in the form of hardware and footwear, which is probably a first for any shop in the UK.


Best thing about 2021? 
Not being 2020 and Jamal Junior designing a shop tee for us.

Favourite shop lurker?
The humble legend that came in religiously at least once a week on the lookout for dunks AKA “Dunk Man”. Honourable mention to James Davies aka Wasteman! 

Best Board graphic of the year? 
Our Focus X Fos Mad Monk of the Cowgate decks were rad also the Garden Skateboards 'Alan' deck. 

Best Shoe of the year? 
Last Resort VM001 Hi. 

UK skateboarder of the year? 
Dale Starkie and Kyle Wilson. 

Best Video of the year? 
My attention span isn't what it used to be, but I'll sit through 30+ mins of raw footage anyday. You will find either Mason Silva, Jack O'Grady or Chima Ferguson playing at some point in the shop throughout the day. Also shoutout to Garden’s “Danger”. 

Local Skatepark hero of the year? 
Ask 'Skateboard Scotland', they've been doing weekly round ups. @skateboardscotland

Best Instagram fodder of the year? 

The best shop quote? 
"We have some hand sanitizer at the front there, cheers."

Best collab? 
Haggis and egg doubler with brown sauce and our collab with Fos of course. 

Most skated spot? 
Bristo Circle and New Street. 

The thing you’ve done more than skateboarding? 
Read the complete works of Dostoevsky. 

Hopes and dreams for 2022. 
Spitfires being in stock.