Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Drug Store

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Drug Store

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Drug Store

We present to you a yearly roundup not by us but by our friends (competition), yearly roundups can be contentious content at best, a mere list to flog leftover stock or designed to push you the consumers onto a brands website page. This list unlike above is done by our friends/competitors over at some of our favourite skate shops in the UK. 2021 has been another weird year. Read below, agree, disagree and shout at your screen, keyboard warrior. 

Below is an image of the old Drug Store, in preparation for his cult-like manoeuvre for the future Sam has moved the shop above a barbers (v dope). Over the past year their Instagram was closed and local prolific director Danny Jackson released yet another video. Read more about his 2021 below.


Best thing about 2021?

Frontside slappies finally make sense 

Favourite shop lurker?

Nobody lurks anymore. Covid fucked that up nicely

Best Board graphic of the year?

Drug Store shop boards

Best Shoe of the year?

Deciding to stop selling shoes. A blissful moment amongst the chaos. 

UK skateboarder of the year?

Jasper and Tom

Best Video of the year?

Lavengro by Danny Jackson 

Local Skatepark hero of the year?

Steven Johns

Best Instagram fodder of the year?

Fuck Instagram. They deleted my account at the start of the first lockdown with no warning or explanation. Our online business has still not recovered. Corporate businesses will be the downfall of society. People need to wise up. 

The best shop quote?

I’ve not heard anything memorable in ages. See “nobody lurks anymore”.

Best collab?

Anything where big corporate shoe brands exploit small independents to make themselves look legit. Hippy sellouts get bonus points. 

Most skated spot?

Magdalen Street Kerb is my safe place. 

The thing you’ve done more than skateboarding?

Work hard. I haven’t had a day off for over 2 years.