Gallery - Dani Abulhawa's Drift Tricks

Ever wanted extra FOMO after a skateboarding event that was to some 'unimaginable'? Well here's your chance to get excited by scrolling through this short but sweet gallery of photos by our mate Reece Leung featuring local rippers Ro, Emre, Zak, Blinky and Chris. Each photo is accompanied with a few words describing the unique skateable structures and how they all found them. It's a lot like the slip you fill in after an activity. 
"The artwork Dani Abulhawa and Bedir Bekar created together were so interesting to skate, with so many opportunities for tricks for every skater! Getting to skate inside leeds art gallery felt like a very monumental moment as a skater who grew up going to the gallery, l hadn't even imagined it would be possible." - Ro // Ride On 50-50
"It was really sick to see skateboarding appreciated in a space it hadn't been done before. The obstacles were super unique and interesting obstacles which were definitely more creative than a normal ledge or bank." - Emre // Frontside Nosegrind
"I’ve actually got no idea. I kinda hate art/skate crossovers, this was sick to skate though hahah." - Blinky // Wallie Mute
"The obstacles in the gallery were really unique and fun to skate. The interesting use of the log and the folding ledge allowed me to think more creatively about what tricks i could do. Skating in the gallery felt very official and the fact we got to skate the installation felt like we were contributing to the piece, showing that the art was functional." - Zak // Frontside Smith
"It was a pretty surreal experience. A space that’s usually roamed in polite hush was suddenly subjected to a din of clattering skateboards. Being described to visitors as ‘semi-professional skaters’ (of which I am certainly not) was quite funny. The staff looked a little apprehensive and rightly so, as witnessing Ro nearly chop themselves in half was a low point. All in all it felt like a statement of acceptance of the local skate scene, which was sick to be a part of." - Hilda // Frontside 180
"Skating the exhibition was an experience. It’s a light, open yet small space in the gallery, which put more emphasis towards the brutalism of the two obstacles. Having only two obstacles pushes your brain to look a little deeper for a more interesting approach to them which was really fun. Top Job everyone involved!" - Chris // Switch Wallie