Polar Skate Co.

Shop from a vast range of Polar Skate Co. clothing and headwear, including t-shirts, longsleeves, sweatshirts, jackets, socks, caps and beanies. We also stock a large selection of Polar skateboard decks.

Voted for 'Brand of the Year' twice in a row, Polar Skate Co. have had exponential growth in popularity since they began in 2011. Starting as a small operation in Malmo, by Pontus Alv, Polar Skate Co. is now a company skateboarders worldwide are familiar with. Previously filming full length features' 'Strongest Of The Strange' (2005) and 'In Search Of The Miraculous' (2010), Pontus Alv has already received high regard throughout the skateboarding community for his unique take on editing that set a precedent for years to come. With his ethos of "Inspire others to inspire themselves", Pontus no longer saw the clean aesthetic and 'bigger is better' attitude of American style skating as relevant. Polar Skate Co. offered up a more relatable type of skateboarding with rough terrain and DIY spots. This vision was brought to life in the form of two online releases 'The Polar Skate Co. Promo' and the aptly named 'No Complies & Wallries + Shuvits'.

Initially Polar Skate Co. started with small, tightly knit team of talented skaters featuring the Hjalte Halberg, Michal Juras and two young transition rippers David Stenstrom and 'Little Oski'. Later their ranks grew, taking Parisian urban musketeer Kevin Rodriguez. With growing notoriety over seas, Polar expanded outside their Eurocentric team enlisting the likes of USA talent Aaron Herrington and Dane Brady.

Where style and quality matters, the company strives to produce clothing and hardware to the highest standard. A strong Art department means Polar Skate Co.'s visual output never ceases to amaze, featuring a diverse variety of artwork by Jacob Ovgren, Stefan Narancic, Pontus Alv and more that continue to create a plethora of iconic graphics, such as the "No complies forever" series and the "Happy Sad Around The World" faces that adorn much of their wares. With one Converse Cons collaboration under their belt already and another on the way soon, as a well as full length feature due to release later this year, it looks as if Polar Skate Co. have a lot more to offer. "Please Charge!"