In 2002 under the Deluxe Distribution umbrella, Mark Gonzales moved from sponsorship on the longstanding Real Skateboards to begin a new venture called Krooked Skateboards. As a highly influential skateboarder dating back to the late 80's and early 90's, parts like his 1991 Blind 'Video Days' section changing the course of street skating for ever. This legacy has permeated into Krooked which has now become synonymous with stylish street skating.

Krooked was an immediate hit, imbued with Gonzales' personality through his distinctly wacky artwork, the two have since become inseparable as an entity, it is now impossible to think of Krooked without the Gonz or vice versa. As lead art director for the company, Gonzales' creatively, playful doodlings and characters, such as the 'shmoo', have created somewhat of cult following. Krooked's distinct and characteristic styles have allowed for continually impressive videos that have consistently broke the mold, such as 'Krooked Khronicles' (2006), 'Gnar Gnar' (2007), 'Naughty' (2008), 'Krooked 2D' and 'Krook3D' in 2010 and 'Let's Skate Dude' (2017).