Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Lost Art

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Lost Art

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Lost Art

We present to you a yearly roundup not by us but by our friends (competition), yearly roundups can be contentious content at best, a mere list to flog leftover stock or designed to push you the consumers onto a brands website page. This list unlike above is done by our friends/competitors over at some of our favourite skate shops in the UK. 2021 has been another weird year. Read below, agree, disagree and shout at your screen, keyboard warrior. 

Oli Birch and Luke Fletcher in Liverpool are currently handling Useless above The Merchant as well as a pop-up with coffee connoisseurs Ropes and Twines for an amazing Read and Destroy exhibition. They pulled a fast one and got together via phone to lay out some notorious UK SOTY contestants. 

Best thing about 2021?

Oli - You're going to say the same thing as me, so go first...

Luke - Charlie turning pro, maybe haha.

Oli - Yeah it's been a shit year so Charlie going pro was good.

Luke - Yeah it was a shit year, definitely Charlie Birch turning pro!

Favourite shop lurker?

Oli - Andy's in here eating his Gregg's everyday.

Luke - Yeah we'll go with Andy.

Oli - Andy from Warrington, Andy Davidson his name is. He's a big fan of the cheese and tomato pizza. There's a full crew that are bang into the Gregg's pizza round here.  

Best Board graphic of the year? 

Luke - Any Hockey or Pass-Ports. 

Oli - Yeah Pass-Port kills it, I don't think we get any from them that aren't good.

Luke - Yeah so Pass-Port in general ha.

Best Shoe of the year?

Oli - We just got both of them now. The Tom Knox New Balance. Tom Knox colourways are always the best, he's one of the boys innit.

Luke - I'll say the Lost Art x New Balance 22.

Oli - Was that this year? That too haha.

UK skateboarder of the year?

Oli - Who we going to pick?

Luke - It's obvious isn't it?

Oli - Knox does it for me every year!

Luke - Kyle Wilson...or Vaughn Jones every year

Oli - How about we say fuck everyone else and we stick to Vaughn Jones every year

Best Video of the year?

Oli - Luke's got this.

Luke - John's video, the Cyrus Bennet part was fucked if that was this year? The new Bronze Video *Reuben* and Palace Beyond The Third Wave.

Local Skatepark hero of the year?

Luke - Me!

Oli - I'm going to say Luke Fletcher, we're just in the middle of filming a fly-out part.

Luke - Beni, Switch Beni, the whole lot.

Oli - Alex Dechuna watch out Luke Fletcher is coming for you.

Luke - Watch out Vaughn Jones.

The best shop quote?
Oli - I don't know... everyone's an idiot?

Luke - We're just as stupid!

Oli - Dom Chambers saying - 'Ey' get on this!' telling us about everything that's happening in Liverpool.

Luke - The best gossip monger

Best collab?
Oli - Lost Art X New Balance.
Luke - Yeah, the easy one.
Most skated spot?

Oli - It's a student accommodation in Liverpool which has a ledge spot, it's the only ledge in Liverpool and you don't get the boot

Luke - Katalan at the uni

The thing you’ve done more than skateboarding?

Luke - Drink pints unfortunately.

Oli - Probably that.

Luke - Packing orders, drinking pints and packing orders haha!