Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Division 24

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Division 24

Skateshop Roundup 2021 - Division 24

We present to you a yearly roundup not by us but by our friends (competitors), yearly roundups can be contentious content at best, a mere list to flog leftover stock or designed to push you the consumers onto a brands website page. This list unlike the above is done by our friends over at some of our favourite skate shops in the UK. 2021 has been another weird year. Read below, agree, disagree and shout at your screen keyboard warrior.

Located in our neighbouring city Wakefield, Division 24 has been feeding the need for skateboarding across Yorkshire since 2001 with Wayne Miller helming the desk since day one. 

photo : Brenna

Best thing about 2021?

Having folk back in the shop, and been able to do relatively normal things again. The Halloween Jam we just held at the local was unreal, it was great to get everyone back together again after such a shit 18 months.

Favourite shop lurker?

Haha, Faisel for sure! I think I gave the same answer in Sidewalk Mag about 15 years ago hahaha, if ya lurkin' ya workin'!

Best Board graphic of the year?

Now that's a tough one, but I loved the Quasi – Wilson – Safe Graphic, and also the Anti Hero – Show Pigeons Series, they were mint.

Best Shoe of the year?

My fav was the Vans – Skate Slip On in Off White but the best seller was probably the Vans Skate Old Skool or Skate Slip On in Black/White, Maybe even the DC Kalis Vulc Mid in Black/Gum, that one has done well too.

UK skateboarder of the year?

Alex 'Sid' Hallford 

Best Video of the year?

I've not seen many this year in all honesty, however I enjoyed the Toy Machine 'Vaccine' video even though its a short one. Plus the Vans Kyle Walker 'Ruby' Part was super heavy and Tom Schaar's 'Airborne' Part is ridiculous too!

Dre Tre - Backside Flip - photo : Brenna

Local Skatepark hero of the year?

Alan (Dr Tre) Callaghan #onemandemo

Best Instagram fodder of the year?

All the clips provided by the shop team, keep em' coming ! But from others though, i've gotta say @rollersurfer 'Ben Koppl' just blows my mind..

The best shop quote?

How long will this board last me? “Mate, stick it under ya bed and it will last forever" hahahaha.

Best collab?

100% Avocado with a little salt and pepper

Most skated spot?

Definitely my local – Boom (Indoor Skatepark). Then probably Rabbit Ings Curbs.