Product - Carpet Company Season 17

Founded by brothers Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem, straight out of Baltimore, Carpet Company is all about combining style, sustainability, and a curated mix of their Egyptian heritage on the side for good measure. 

Since their humble beginnings of numbered hand-screened zip-locked decks, we've kept up to date with everything Carpet Company and grown with them from the aforementioned decks to their Nike SB Dunk Hi collaboration and their more recent guest models with Brian Anderson and Jerry Hsu.


Their latest drop is once again seriously impressive, featuring the usual hand-screened bold prints and materials that could take an absolute beating, alongside a mix of heavyweight motor racing-inspired canvas items.

On top of all the new clobber we have another guest model from the Carpet boys, this time around San Francisco's Chico Brenes has taken the mantle of the screen printers producing 199 decks, each are top to bottom spot colour screened (a first for the brand) and we're stoked to have two available online and in store

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Product - Carpet Company Season 17 - Chico Brenes

Chico Brenes hand screening his guest model for the Carpet Company boys.

An original handscreened Chico Brenes deck on the factory floor!

CARPET COMPANY - BIZARRO T-SHIRT - PINKClose up of the hand-screened Carpet Company Bizarro T-Shirt in pink

Shop 'CARPET COMPANY - PEASANT T-SHIRT - YELLOW' at Welcome LeedsThe Carpet Company Peasant T-Shirt in yellow is made with Carpet's distinct heavyweight cotton.