New Balance Numeric - Tom Knox ‘440’

The new 440 highs and lows with colours by Tom Knox are available now, ahead of their release we checked in with Tom to get the answers to a couple of pressing questions... the results are below.

Tom Knox 440 advert
By our count these are your 6th and 7th 440 colourways, what is it about this model that you like so much?
I think the 440 is a really good mix between board feel and support. It’s a slimmer cupsole which makes it a great shoe to work with.


Tom Knox New Balance 440 Low
The white colourways you’ve had previously were inspired by an old tech jacket of yours, is there a particular inspiration for the colourways of these two new ones?
I think the last few years being kept home by everything gave me a new perspective on travelling, made me really appreciate going away to skate, enjoy the sun, the sea and the idea for the colours was to reflect that. My previous 440 colourways have been inspired by my surroundings in London, paving slabs, seasons, jackets, trains etc. this one I based the colours off the ocean, leaving the island behind. Getting away for some winter sun. I think everyone in the UK gets that same urge in February! I’m super happy with how the shoes came out.
Tom Knox New Balance 440 high
Watch Tom Knox in Sicily and London for NB Numeric below ✨