Jobs In Skateboarding International : Marketing Director

Jobs In Skateboarding International : Marketing Director

Jobs In Skateboarding International : Marketing Director 

Probably one of the most well-known TM's in skateboarding Sam Smyth heads up a whole bunch of stuff over at the Crailtap camp. Read below to find out how it all started and where it's going in our international edition of the Jobs In Skateboarding series.

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What is your current role and who do you work for?

I still go by Talent Manager (tongue in cheek version of Team Manager). But in the corporate world you’d call me Marketing Director. 

Did you have any roles in the skate industry before this?

I started in the warehouse of a small skate brand in San Francisco, Pure Wheels and Experience Skateboards. Later that became Profile and Cream, then FIT, where I played more of a team manager role. But when I started at Girl I was doing sales. I took what was available. About 6 months later the TM at the time asked me to take over. It was a natural fit. 

What is it that you actually do?/ What takes up a majority of your work time?

That’s tough. It’s all over the place. Anything that involves marketing. The team is the biggest marketing asset. Need to stay in touch with them. They love to travel. So plan trips to keep them stoked, and promote the brand in other regions. Speaking of, I need to stay in contact with team riders in other regions. Development of potential riders. I weigh in on product development. 

When products go into production we start planning the launch. Whether it’s just a photo on Instagram or an event or video, we start planning as soon as possible. Video is something we love to do. I’m always involved in the production of those. Managing our staff videographers and social media manager. Connecting with photographers. Making an ad schedule and hitting those deadlines. Calling Carroll to let him know to check his email. That kinda stuff. 

How have you seen your job role change over the years?

Social media has been the biggest change in all our lives, mine included. Seems it’s got us all ramping up everything. Need more photos, more videos, more products. Feed the machine. It’s never enough. 

What’s the best thing about your job?

Working amongst people I love. Skateboarding has its ups and downs. You could bounce around chasing the hot new thing. Try to climb the corporate ladder. But I’m happy seeing my friends everyday. Working for something I believe in. 

What’s the worst thing about your job?

Disturbance in the force. It’s not always perfect. Hate when something wack kills an otherwise awesome vibe. 

Any advice for skateboarders out there who want to pursue your line of work?

Befriend the best skater in your town. Hope that one day he starts his own company and gives you a job. Hahaha. That was part of it for me. But really you just have to be willing to do anything. Start at the bottom. Get your foot in the door and be cool.