Hyde Park Picture House - 'Favorite Spot'

Local mega skate-journo Farran Golding has put together his popular 'Favorite Spot' Quartersnacks video series into a 60-minute documentary as part of Hyde Park Picture House's On the Road series. 

The show will be held at our mate Nothern Monk's Refectory situated at Marshalls Mill, tickets are only a quid and come with a drink so get down and support!

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Hyde Park Picture House - 'Favorite Spot'

"Favorite Spot is a documentary series exploring the relationships between skateboarders and space.

From urban plazas, to national monuments, to seemingly incongruous pieces of street furniture, these locations colloquially known as “spots” can hold profound and often personal significance to the skateboarders who interact with them. For professionals, such locations can become integral to their careers as moments captured on video allow for a near-biographic portrait of the most influential figures within the culture.

Produced by Leeds-based journalist Farran Golding for New York publication, Quartersnacks, this screening brings together all five Favorite Spot instalments, depicting the nuanced and often humorous relationship skateboarders have with the wider world."


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- Northern Monk Refectory

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Peep the trailer below for some Gilbert Crockett goodness!