Dime Glory Challenge 2016

It's back!

Probably the greatest skateboard contest of all time: Dime Glory Challenge returns for the second year running on August 6th.

The most legit dudes you think can think including Frank Gerwer, Tiago Lemos, Jordan Trahan, Jamal Smith, Antoine Asselin, Tyler Surrey, Callum Paul, Wes Kremer, Wade Desarmo and loads more are competing in the following 7 challenges....

1. Speed Challenge

2. Foam Pit Challenge

3. Valdez Challenge

4. Gangster Challenge

5. Sword Challenge

6. Josh Kasper Challenge

7. Gladiator Challenge

And of course, Wade D goes up against an unknown challenger in 'The World Championship Game Of Skate'.

Full details can be found by hitting this:

Remind yourself how incredible the first one was......

Dime Glory Challenge - Extended version from Dime Mtl on Vimeo.