Civic Skateboarding - Skate Sessions & Street Haunting Exhibition

Local skateboarder Harry Meadley's 'Civic Skateboarding' as part of the Leeds 2023 programmes are quickly approaching and there is more than just the act of skateboarding to get involved. 

Firstly take a look at the amount of skateboarding sessions happening throughout the city alongside even more free community sessions at LS-Ten. These session will all lead up to the big weekend of skateboarding over the 16-17th of September. 

Artwork kindly provided by Izzy - @izzyalmond

Civic Skateboarding - Leeds 2023

Secondly below you'll find a link to the power duo of Hilda Quick and Lauren Mudge's short form where you can submit artwork for the 'Street Haunting' exhibition. Launching on September 16th at the Blank Gallery the two aim to feature mixed media created by skateboarders from the wider Leeds scene. Get involved here -