Tom Knox interview - Speedway Mag

Farran Golding sat down with Tom Knox at the back end of last year to discuss the brilliant 'Vase' video as well as dad life, filming with Jake Harris, the Blueprint days and a hell of a lot more.

"What sort influence did Blueprint have on you as a whole?

I guess I when started skating I didn’t really watch videos. My friend owned First Broadcast [2001] and Waiting for the World [2000] so I watched both of those videos quite a lot. Then I had Lost & Found and that was the one that influenced me because it was a time when I was getting really into skating. I watched that all the time, I guess if you watch something so much as a kid it will just influence you. They were skating English spots, and I’m from London, so I would watch that and go out skating and pretend to be them, you know what I mean? Bought some stripy tops at one point because (Danny) Brady was wearing that (laughs)."

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