Myles Rushforth - Eazy Streets

Handsome devil. Jaguar driver. Powerful popper. Rock star theorist. Morrissey man-crush holder. Lana Del Rey lover. Vegetarian but doesn't give a fuck about wearing leather.

All fitting ways to describe our good friend Myles Rushforth who has an interview with Sheffield based online magazine, Eazy Streets. Find out more about small town South Yorkshire skateboarding, photography and general day to day life by clicking the below image of Myles frontside grinding on ancient Wakefield bricks.

'I’m sure there are people still like me that would prefer something in their hand, something that you can look back at in ten years and go 'oh yeah I remember that video.'... A skate video or magazine can last you a lifetime but people would rather waste money on shit like coffee, but when it comes to paying a fiver for a magazine or video everyone’s like “I’m not paying to watch people skating, I’m going to buy a fucking Starbucks”.'



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View Myles' Barnsley scene video, Spectamur Agendo, by clicking here.