'Propeller' - DVD and Interview Round Up

It's certain to say there is no other company, be it shoe or board, that could go almost fifty years without realising a skateboarding video and hold the same cultural value that Vans has. Simply, this is because no other company has had a lifespan like that of Vans.

Over the last two years, the wait for Propeller has been at it's most demanding with teases of it 'being in the works' to nearing the final hour cropping up across interviews with various riders. It wasn't until back in March that the name was unveiled to us creating the debates of who will take the opener and ender. We all knew it was AVE anyway, really...

Over the passing months, Propeller has been thoroughly discussed and analysed by the majority of the skateboarding community along with just about every team rider giving their thoughts and experiences that went behind making the video. However, one thing went unanswered; when will physical copies be available? Finally, that last question has been answered with hard bound copies of Propeller reaching skate stores over the past week.

Propeller DVDs

As with a video of this magnitude (and in similar style to Greg Hunt's last feature length, 2009's Mind Field) the DVD comes within a hardbound book featuring an introduction from Steve Van Doren and is filled with photography from Arto Saari, Anthony Acosta, Michael Burnett and Greg Hunt himself. Taken over the last five years spent working on the video; from portraits, tricks within the video, shots you may have seen as adverts, filming missions and all manner of 'behind the scenes' imagery only fit to present in this manner. The whole book is a beautifully put together with every image credited and narrated by members of the Vans family over the final pages. Included as bonus features within the DVD are the serialised RAW Files that were featured on Thrasher following release along with the making of Now, the song Curren Caples skates to performed and recorded by Ray Barbee, his son Nolan and John Herndon.

For those not content with your iTunes copy and in need of some new waffle grip, we recommend popping in or visiting our online store sooner rather than later as copies are very limited and is only available free with any purchase of Vans.

With the aforementioned wait for the Propeller in mind, we also thought this was a fitting opportunity to feature a few interviews that helped tide us over until release along with those that followed which gave us some insights into the process behind the video. Click any of the below images to be taken to them.

Geoff Rowley, Greg Hunt & Anthony Van Engelen Sidewalk Magazine, January 2012, Issue 184.


Anthony Van Engelen, Thrasher Magazine, March 2015, Issue 416.

(Still waiting on the footage of this wallride...)

AVE Thrasher Interview

Gilbert Crockett, Thrasher Magazine, May 2015, Issue 418.

Gilbert Flip Back Lip

Daniel Lutheran, Thrasher Magazine, June 2015, Issue 419

Andrew Allen, Transworld, May 2015.