Austyn Gillette Reads Your Crap Talking For Crailtap

Sarcastic Vice-President of the v-neck wearing skateboarders out there (only outranked by Dylan) takes some time with Crailtap to answer the hard hitting questions poised at his past video parts by the world wide skateboarding community.

Sexuality, hairstyles, switch (flips?) and more is discussed. So take five minutes, grab a coffee (light a cigarette if you wish for extra Team Handsome points) and get ready for a good laugh.

  And while we’re at, why not revisit some of Austyn’s back catalogue that have brought us these commentaries and provided our screens with such great hair sweeps, Switch Kickflips and signature nonchalance over the years...
  Though he’s been side-lined for most of the past year with double knee injuries, we’ve got first hand information that Austyn is on the road to recovery. With his debut shoe for HUF also releasing this Summer, hopefully we’ll get to see some more footage from the man himself in the not too distant future. For now, let’s just appreciate this again.

Austyn Gif

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