'Eleventh Hour' by Jacob Harris (2013)

At the back end of 2013, Jacob Harris released one of the best UK videos to hit our screens in a very long time. 'Eleventh Hour' was originally intended as a Grey Magazine production, but at the last minute this was changed and it became a full length independent video. Jake goes into more detail on the reasons for this change in an interview with Grey Magazine's Henry Kingsford. Filmed entirely on a VX1000, the video has that similar UK feel to it as the Blueprint classic 'Lost and Found' by Dan Magee and the 2003 Landscape feature 'Portraits' by Chris Massey. 'Eleventh Hour' is up there as one of our all time favourite videos and if you don't own a copy, then you are absolutely blowing it and need to track one down ASAP! For now, feast your eyes on some of the full parts from the video that are available online for you viewing pleasure. First up, Luke Pinto. Well, as a reasonably unknown dude, we don't think many people expected how incredibly amazing he was going to be. A full on high speed attack on all terrain! This really is street skateboarding at it's finest and you'll have to search far and wide for a part that can hype us up to skate as much as this one. Thanks to Live Skateboard Media for uploading it. What a banger! More soon please Luka....     One of the many Isle Skateboards riders to feature in the video and Welsh powerhouse, Chris Jones. Sidewalk Mag released Chris' section online last year and we are very happy they decided to do that! Chris' style is fucking wonderful and for proof of that, just check the steez at 1:11....
  Next up is Lakai rider Sylvain Tognelli. Sylvain comes through with an awesome and creative part and also skates to a Iggy Pop tune that a lot of people will be kicking themselves for not having thought of using before! Following on from Sylvain's part, the rest of the Isle team bang out a really good montage. Paul Shier, Casper Brooker and Jon Nguyen come through with the goods and join Sylvain, Nick Jensen and Tom Knox as 'Eleventh Hour' alumni. Some people have a list of their favourite video parts. This Nick Jensen part sits somewhere near the top of the lists of many people we know! In our eyes, it is Jensen's best part he has ever put out. The skating, the filming, the editing and the song come together so perfectly, that it's incredibly hard to say anything negative about it. So we won't. It's just the fucking best!   Finally, ending the video is Tom Knox. Tom has been on a rampage for the last few years, but weirdly didn't get too much global attention until he won a few comps last year. In an ideal world, everyone would have noticed how incredibly unreal his skating is when this part came out in 2013. Anyway, forget that. He's killing it for Isle, sitting alongside legends like Arto and PJ on New Balance Numeric and has recently joined the KR3W squad. Tom Know is a beast!
  There is plenty more content to this banging video. These are just the sections that are available to view online. We are really looking forward to Jacob Harris' next full length project, VASE. Please support skateboard video makers and buy DVDs!