Dime Mtl Dime Mtl Dime Mtl Dime Mtl

We are 100% incredibly fucking stoked to say that we now stock Dime Mtl here at Welcome. Dime_classic_navy Forbidden_delight_tee Some of the best dudes doing some of the best shit around. The best of the best like that guy JKJHNSN rep the Montreal based brand, so you know it's the legit route to go down. If you don't follow these dudes on all social media platforms, as well as on vimeo, then you're officially blowing it! They mix up some amazing skating with som extra funny shit to bring you pure visual gold. Not entirely sure what it is, but these guys have got it and it's way too legit!! hoodie-grey woolhat1 Also, Antoine Asselin is THE FUCKING BEST! Get a extra special Dime video blast below courtesy of Quartersnacks and hit THIS RIGHT HERE to get threaded out in gear!