Best of 2014

Instead of the usual format of us choosing our favourite videos of the year, brands of the year, products of the year etc etc etc, we thought that we put the shop team riders in charge. They've all decided on one favourite 2014 LDS skater, event, video, trick or whatever they like really. First up is the choice of shop dude, all round top bloke and Heathen Skateboards shredder Martyn Hill. Starting things off with Dean Greensmith's incredibly insane backside tailslide at THAT motorway spot. If you've been there, then you know how cursty the run up is and how gnarly the roll away is. It's an all round banger and Dean, we salute you! Snap and sequence courtesy of that man Reece Leung! [caption id="attachment_428" align="alignnone" width="579"]Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 21.31.16 CLICK HERE FOR THE SEQUENCE[/caption]   Brendan 'Brenna' Harrap is a big fan of the no-comply mad local Yorkshire ripper Tom Zealand. The dude is on one at the moment and is putting together a heavy part for our upcoming debut video. Below is a short clip of him tearing up his TF in Harrogate, but just youtube the name and you can find plenty of street footage to tide you over until The Welcome Video in the summer.

  Mad Mike may have made the big move home back down south to Bristol, but we know his heart still belongs to Hyde Park. One of the most stylish dudes we've ever comes across was also, at one time, living directly opposite Hyde Park with Mike. Cainan McEwan is a really good is really good. He's also the owner of one of our favourite styles. Super chill, but incredibly tech skateboarding. Skip to 12:00 of Tebbsy's Hyde Park mega edit for just a taste of some Cainan action...

  Dale Starkie's choice was always going to be pretty obvious. His best bro and dancefloor partner in crime George Worthington moved to Leeds 18 months ago for uni. I think most people that have met George know that he is a pretty fucking awesome skateboarder. Slick style, huge bag of tricks and always happy. Well, most of the time. Often moaning about his lack of clips, but always down to skate no matter the weather, George always improves the skate session! This youtube footage below is 2 and half years old, but scroll through his insta for plenty of shredding while you wait for The Welcome Video.

  Back in February, we filled up a coach and a few cars with as many people as we could and made our way over to Rock City in Hull for a lock-in! This is Liam Hobson's choice. Top night with plenty of carnage going down! Massive thanks to the Rock City dudes and especially to Scott Palmer for sorting it out. We should come back soon!

  Foz Dawg (James Foster) has had a busy year. If he's not out teaching swimming lessons or doing bat surveys, the dawg is either sleeping or killing it on his board. Filming simultaneously for numerous projects, Foz never seems to struggle to produce footage. See his stuff in the Nike SB NESW online edits? No? Well, click HERE for that! Anyway, Foz's pick for the best of 2014 is a good one. Alex Appleby moved to Leeds from Manchester a while back and since day one he's been on a mission filming for a local video. 'Snyde Park & the Curse of Brudenell Road' premiered in November and arrived in store on DVD a couple of weeks ago. It's already sold out, but we are going to try and source some more copies! Featuring shredding by Laurie O'Hara, Sam Hutchinson, Dean Greensmith (inc footage of that mad bs tail), Vaughan Jones, Jordan Kaye, Alex Appleby, James Foster, Garry Giomarrelli & more! Hit us up to see if we have some new copies in store, but if not we can direct you to Alex who should be able to sort you out! Below is a recent Alex part from last year. His footage in the 'Snyde' DVD is killer!

  Michael Wright didn't really get back to us about his choice. You all know how mysterious that guy is! He's out there somewhere, killing it on his board. He will come through with some awesome footage for The Welcome Video. For now, here is Mike murdering the BA Project last year...
  Thanks for a banging 2014 lads. 2015 will be even bigger!