I fell in love with skateboarding after being introduced to the 2002 Coliseum skate video PJ Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life. I wasn't really aware of skateboarding before this, but something about the care free feel of that video changed everything. For me, it was all about PJ Ladd. It seemed beyond me how he could flow down the street with such ease and finesse. It was like that was exactly what he was meant to be doing and it was what he was put on this planet to do....and with a Pulp soundtrack as well!

The recent Plan B video was obviously a disappointment for me. The craziness of new boy wonder Chris Joslin had me hyped to begin with, but the lack of a part from the Boston legend was tough to take. Over the last 12 years we have only been treated one street part in Flip's 2003 release 'Really Sorry', some Berrics action and a web clip here and there. With no word of where he is and what he is doing, I don't expect answers anytime soon.    Wes_2324 Over the last few years, I have found a new hero. A new reason to fall in love with skateboarding all over again. A skateboarder that, like PJ, doesn't seem at all bothered about the current day obsession of instagram followers, energy drink logos and unecessery bullshit ESPN/FOX coverage now that skateboarding is 'cool'. Wes Kremer caught my eye in the 2009 SK8MAFIA Am Video. I could talk about the opening line alone for hours. I won't, but I could. The flow of this dudes skating was up there with the best I'd seen. He was doing the most ridiculous tricks and not only making it look easy, he was making it all look like so much fun all of the time! I guess it really is that much fun being that good! Flip - Late Shuv at 1:15

There is something that really appeals to me about the SK8MAFIA posse. I like their team, boards, graphics, videos, web content, but what I really love is the gang mentality that comes with being a member of the SK8MAFIA crew. Often you will hear the phrase 'gang mentality' thrown about in a negative way, I don't mean it in that way at all. SK8MAFIA is made up of all different types of skateboarders. You've got Wes and Tyler Surrey who are regarded as two of the most talented guys out there right now. The tall ginger tech manny stylish dude, Jamie Palmore. Legendary 'The Storm' alumni and always entertaining Peter Smolik as well as straight up OG gangster and rumoured pimp, Brandon Turner. They've also got one of the greatest ledge skaters ever in Javier Sarimento and many more. Being a part of their crew isn't just being on the team. Their posse is always growing stronger and like all of the best gangs, they've definitely got strength in numbers. 1655634_10152172415173288_250783056_o  Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.01.11 Wes has continued his skateboarding onslaught over the last five years, taking his ridiculous level of talent and positive vibes across the globe and blowing minds wherever he goes! He has had so much coverage, especially over the last year. Part after part, cover after cover, late shuv after late shuv, Wes has definitely been on a murderous skate rampage in 2014. All of this has resulted in one thing........WES KREMER SOTY 2014! Yes, the Thrasher Magazine SOTY may be a bit of an overblown popularity contest, but if Wes Kremer is officially the best, then it shows that major corporations and energy drink sponsors are not ruling this skateboarding thing that we all love. Skate rats like Wes, Cory, Ishod, Suciu, Busenitz and Louie rule skateboarding and will continue to rule it way after the monster branded sweatbands are gone! PJ may not have produced much over the last 10 years, but Wes has given me more than enough to keep me obsessed with skating more than ever! ALL HAIL WES KREMER. GOTY. SOTY.

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