Digital Bobby

As the deadline for the online popularity contest that is Thrasher's S.O.T.Y award approaches I have an overwhelming urge to share my opinion on the skater that I feel is the most deserving candidate for this prestigious title. With so many incredible skaters up for consideration this was no easy decision but, after reviewing the shortlist, I decided that there was one contender that really stood out from the rest, Bobby Worrest. Bobby is as legitimate as they come, a street skater in every sense of the word, he has killed it for years, consistently producing strong video parts and top quality footage but, in 2014, he has truly excelled himself, putting in serious work to film three killer sections! In just 12 short months Bobby has taken his raw, east coast brand of skating to a new level, crushing everything in his path, and doing so with a rabid enthusiasm that is infectious to witness. Just take the time to think about this for a moment: To produce one street part of this standard, laced with countless flip tricks, technical blockwork, flowing lines and the quickest of quick feet in both stances, would be an amazing feat- but to achieve this three times in one year is just astounding! Plus, by avoiding the minefield that is organised skateboarding stunt contest and energy drink endorsements, Bobby has been able to achieve all his much deserved notoriety with his underground status and credibility still very much intact. Extra propps for Bobby! To conclude, Bobby has been keeping it consistently real throughout 2014 and, in my humble opinion, would be a well deserved winner of this years skater of the year award! As if any further proof were needed here, to refresh your memories, are Bobby's three killer parts from the past year, watch him pulverising Pulaski Park in his 'Hometown Turf Killer':

Dropping hammers whilst housing in his ' Luxury and Loudness' part:

And finally, enjoy his Quartersnacks part- full to bursting with east coast shred: