Brad Cromer - The S.O.T.Y. That Could Have Been

As Saturday's announcement of who has whispered more sweet nothings into Jake Phelps ear who will be crowned Thrasher Magazine's Skater of the Year for 2014, I set aside my desire to ramble about how pointless most of the nominations were and furthermore how even fewer of them belong in the final eight contenders. Black Hubba Backside Flip What I am compelled to highlight, however, is SOTY 2014's greatest travesty - Brad Cromer's exclusion from the list of nominees. While last year, those with enough influence and Scientology points were so infuriated by Thrasher's decision that they created their own 'voice of the people' competition only for Flip Skateboards technical powerhouse Luan Oliveria to emerge victorious rather than their own programmed energy drink clad handrail wunderkind the whole scenario was obviously geared towards... While I have neither the influence, care, money, connections or ego to partake in such tomfoolery, I have settled thusly. Whilst Brad Cromer may not have been even nominated for Skater of the Year, I still feel the need to highlight the hell of a year Brad has had. Turning pro for Krooked, a collaboration shoe with HUF, multiple video parts, one would think these would be more than fair triumphs and he's got a good musical taste too, what's not to like? So on this note, take a stroll through the below footage and join the internet in uproar at the (currently) criminally underrated skateboarder that is, Brad Cromer.

(While it didn't debut this year, this turning pro part for Krooked is mandatory viewing with any mention of Brad Cromer.)

After rounding off Outliers, (note:the above part is a bonus section and not Brad's actual ender), we're confident this will be the breakout Cromer deserves. While I never expected Brad to win SOTY, a nomination seemed more than a appropriate, but with three main magazines in the States, surely some people are unfortunately going to be overlooked depending on where their coverage comes from... With whispers of a pro shoe for HUF in the rumour mill, I'm sure 2015 will be another great year which myself and all at Welcome eagerly look forward to. Brad Cromer Follow Brad on Instagram @bradcromer. Photo's courtesy of HUF Worldwide and Brixton MFG. Krooked Skateboards, Doom Sayers Clothing and HUF Quality Footwear including Brad's signature Sutter colourway is available both in store and online.